Wolf Blass and Kim Crawford are among the most recognized wine brands in the wine industry today and these brands share a common theme with UNION. They started out as virtual wineries – no vineyards, no winery, no equipment. This approach allows for a passionate, unwavering focus on our wines and our customers.

We source our grapes from Niagara grape growers and rent space at one of the regions most recognized VQA wineries. We custom crush and ferment our fruit, and begin blending trials to determine how best to manage outstanding quality and consistency. Without the crippling overhead costs of a physical winery on our balance sheet, we are uniquely able to offer ultra-premium local wines under $20.

Our recent medal wins at the Wine Access All Canadian Wine Championships placed us in the top 25 of all Canadian Wineries after just three years since launching.

100% LOCAL

Simply put, the VQA symbol you see on Union Wines guarantees the wine you are drinking is 100% LOCAL, made from outstanding premium grapes grown in Ontario.


Blending is the winemakers most basic tool and is used throughout the wine world. It is utilized in many of the world’s finest wines and we have adopted the same philosophy, where the exact proportion of each single varietal is varied each year, to optimize the quality and longevity of the wine. Union wines are blends of the best premium grapes from Ontario, sourced from the best growers and wineries in the province.